Bathroom makeover

Even in a home full of love, it is important to have a place to retreat and recover. For many, the bathroom is that theory. But what to do about the monsters hiding in there: Water damage, ugly grout, and the like? Whether it means eliminating outdated, monstrously scary 70's style tile, adding a more powerful fan, or a complete bathroom makeover, Monsters Toolbox will help take you from “in theory” to real life.


The couple in this Eastside home started with a dreary, entirely unimpressive bathroom that would never be mistaken for a 'retreat'. After the Monsters Toolbox treatment, they have what you can see is an impressive, spacious, downright luxurious bathroom, without having had to take away physical space from other areas. With such warm and near-luminous marble, and exquisite washing stations, there's a place for them to feel completely calm, clean, and entirely sophisticated! And let's not forget the towel warmer, a simple luxury that can make all the difference.


This Mercer Island family's second bathroom was getting a lot of use, but not a lot of love. Though it started as traditional, cramped, dark, and outdated, with some rather scary monsters of their own, we made a few changes to create this cheerful, fresh, and modern space. With playful bubble tile details and modern fixtures—including a removable shower head for bath time—this small bathroom is delightfully unrecognizable from its previous version. The white used here, along with bright, recessed lighting, makes for a shining beacon of cleanliness.


Family life means sharing your space with your children, and can be wonderful; so can having a space for yourself. With this lovely en suite bathroom, we converted a typical layout (separated bathroom) not only into a private, grown-up space, but also added some additional and well organized closet space. The contrasting tones of wood and stone give this en suite a modern feel, and the extra storage ensures this client will never be at a loss for how to stay least in this part of the house.


Do you have a master bath that isn't looking so masterful? A Redmond home with a once an outdated style now has the class of an upscale hotel! Complete with wrap-around Carrara marble and natural stone tiles for a dramatic finish, while perfectly incorporating the preexisting countertop. We even replaced the standard shower/tub with a seamless walk-in shower, and installed matching recessed medicine cabinets and a warming towel rack. What once was nice enough is now downright stunning as well as inviting, and fits perfectly the needs of its homeowners.



Though this project on a home near Pioneer Park on Mercer Island started as a simple repair, the extent of the water and other damage done by renters meant an opportunity to create something more exceptional. Boris and his team redid this bathroom from top to bottom, giving the family a space to be truly proud of, and an incredible selling point for any new renters or buyers.


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