Cabinetry & shelving

Among all the monsters wreaking havoc in all the homes of the world, the most common is a simple lack of organizational space. Don't settle for yet another generic bookshelf or plastic storage bin. Our custom-built cabinets and shelving units are a great way to add just the right touch: utility, creativity, and beauty. Make the best of the space you have by letting us build you a personalized, monster-taming organizational solution.


It's not hard to see why this is one of our absolute favorite projects. This collaborative effort between Monsters Toolbox owner Boris, and local architect Zeynep Alev, brought together easy organizing options and the 'cool factor' necessary for any top-notch kid's room. We designed a unique staircase with alternating steps, leading to a finished loft and sleep spaces, creating a special upstairs 'kids only' area, allowing a much more spacious, multi-level room. In the now downstairs portion, we created a study area with a desk and built-in storage and shelving, a perfect place for studying or creativity.


In this Wedgwood neighborhood home in Seattle, a bookish couple decided that the warmth of a library filled with wood tones and books suited them far better than the cold feel of the home theater installed by previous owners. With a straightforward design and installation, all this new library needs is the right furniture to bundle up and read one of these beautifully homed volumes.


After a storage monster reared its ugly head in their home, restricting access between living areas, this Clyde Hill/Bellevue family opted to replace a cumbersome desk and cabinet. Built-in book storage was an essential part of creating better traffic flow while adding a beautiful space for texts. It's amazing what even a small change like this can do to make a home more livable.


What's the point of an amazing view without a great spot to enjoy it? This Mercer Island house clearly has a view worth a great spot, plus storage monster solution was needed for kids' school supplies. A relatively quick and simple solution to both problems, this custom-built window seat contains two drawers, a relocated vent, and the perfect place to soak in the beauty of both rainy and sunny days; we even gave them a new eating space for family meals (though we still can't do much about the monsters at the dinner table).


The Monsters Toolbox team designed and built this storage-centric kitchen renovation to create a beautiful dining area where the whole family can gather. We built wrap-around window seating with a wall of cabinets, plenty of drawers, and shelves to display or store both prized and daily possessions alike. Since the adjacent kitchen also needed some love, MT added a standalone custom-built spice cabinet/pantry; just what the family chef ordered!


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