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A home is more than a building and its façade; a home is where you feel most comfortable, and where the only monsters are the friendly kind. Monsters Toolbox wants to ensure that your home is a space of both comfort and efficiency. With our home repair and renovation services, you can turn a building into a welcoming home, a rentable space, or even a new in-home office.


What started as an inefficient and cramped, dorm-style corridor layout, is now a simple, efficient, comfortable, and downright classy bedroom. With help from our owner Boris, this Redmond family now has a guest suite to be proud of: incredible added closet space, recessed lighting, an attached bathroom...and the now impossible task of getting guests to leave. Consider yourselves warned: with a Monsters Toolbox guest space, your house will be a full house indeed!


This turn-of-the-century Mercer Island home had the same storage space issues we find in most: virtually none. While converting this previously unfinished basement, Boris and the Monsters Toolbox team were tasked with maintaining the home's original aesthetic and traditional style. This newly functional basement space includes swing panels (laundry access), easy boiler access, a recessed ceiling with hidden storage, and an overall feel that reflects both the home's history and the homeowners' wishes.


Even when your home is almost perfect, there's always a little something that can be done here and there. In this house, we made some simple changes to make things juuuust right. Stunning wood countertops blend in perfectly with the warm feel of this kitchen, while a newly installed and classic backsplash gives just the right detail to make things truly finished. Throughout the home, new baseboards and paint complete the overall look, and new vanities added both storage and class.




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