Kitchen Remodel

The precise amount of time people spend in the kitchen varies, but it sure feels like more in one we don't like; between that and being a prime destination for guests, the kitchen is a great candidate for improvements to rid monsters large and small. Whether it's storage monsters, outdated everything, an impractical sink, or just a need for change, Monsters Toolbox is happy to make your kitchen perfect for you and your family!


Maintaining the original footprint was critical for this Bellevue clients when updating their condo's kitchen. For better utility as well as a modern look, owner Boris lowered the bar portion of the peninsula and added a new countertop to make one level, usable surface, then polished the preexisting stone countertops in the rest of the kitchen. This space is now a gathering place for parties, and a source of pride for the owners.


Sometimes a space it outdated, sometimes it's 'Mid Century Modern', and sometimes it's somewhere in between. This original 1950's galley-style kitchen in View Ridge required lots of custom work to get it to the chic side of Mid Century. We started with expanding the kitchen and improving the layout for greater practicality. With more cabinets (and new hinges) for better storage in, we then installed new recessed lighting, fresh countertops, and wrap around tile work to complete the look envisioned by the clients.


This beautiful kitchen remodel was part of a larger, house-wide renovation. With some straightforward changes that included new countertops and backsplash, fresh trim, and the installation of a new range hood, what was once a lackluster space is now both functional and impressive. Most importantly, it now fits the vision of the homeowners.


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