Our Philosophy

This is our Chief Monster Tamer. Boris. He loves helping people solve problems and complete their dreams. He's one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.

This is our Chief Monster Tamer. Boris. He loves helping people solve problems and complete their dreams. He's one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.

Monsters Toolbox was developed on the premise of providing general construction contractor services in a friendly, intelligent, and professional manner, with compassion for the client and their circumstances. It was apparent while researching this seemingly common-sense foundation that it would be a somewhat radical idea in the field of general contractors.

While the Monsters Toolbox utility is remodeling construction services, it is paramount to our business' identity to offer the services outlined above with a focus on family-friendliness, cleanliness, courteousness, creativity, confidentiality, and respect to the client's environment. Each job should be viewed as a unique opportunity, regardless of previous experience; everything about the project should be custom and tailored to the client's needs. Every employee is hired based on skill and the ability to embody these values.

This same mindset extends to third-party personnel. In each case, we know who they are, we've worked with them long enough to know they can uphold our values, and trust them as if they were part of our company. It is equally vital to our success that all third-party vendors and craftspeople approach projects with their own unique perspective.

Our passion is to improve the client's circumstances and provide them with surroundings that represent their hopes; we are there to create a space in which function and aesthetic are tailored to the customer. The best improvements come from creative solutions, and it is a point of pride for us to be the creators of those solutions for our clientele.

At the end of each project, a Monsters Toolbox customer should be left with trust for our company, feeling heard, and a sense of pride in the work that has been accomplished. Most importantly, they are left with the urge to brag about our amazing team who made their house feel like home!

About Boris

Though he has a lifetime of building and repair work, you'll never find our Chief Monster Tamer and founder Boris one to boast. His passion for building began early, very early: his first kitchen remodel, though simple, was at the age of 13. Inheriting his grandfather's desire for perfection, and affinity for construction, Boris builds each project with durability and precision in mind.

Trained in medical engineering and general contractor crafts, Boris's mind is always formulating the best ways to get a customer's ideal results to bring dreams into reality. As one might hope for in anyone working on your home, his personal motto is “Create value for yourself by creating value for others”. We hope you'll take a bit of time looking at the wonderful work he's done in our “Projects” section.

Project Work Flow:

Before taming any monsters, we start with some truly exciting client paperwork (Monsters Agreements)! Okay, fine, paperwork is not exciting and there are pretty much no exceptions; nonetheless, we'll still keep trying. Two things we can promise is that there are no small fonts or hidden clauses, and we will make sure you fully understand your Monsters Toolbox agreement before signing.

Larger projects:

If you decided on tackling one of your bigger monsters, we'll start you with a design phase where we listen to what monsters you would like to get rid of, then offer potential solutions and design ideas. In all project reviews, we cover special considerations for your circumstances and create a workflow to minimize negative impact on your home-life. One such impact offsetting measure—and generally the first—is to put down protection throughout the house before we start on any project. Keeping you engaged throughout the process is critical and done primarily through updates and billing/review process.

Small repairs:

While small monsters are simpler to remove, it's still vital to keep you informed of expected costs, timeline, and best options. Though our basic practice is to fix the problem through the most practical means and restore it back to the original condition, we will also look at other possible options during initial review and make improvements if desired.

Billing Process:

Regardless of the size or nature of your particular monster, we believe in maximum transparency in the billing process of all projects. By utilizing various software applications and maintaining open lines of communication, Monsters Toolbox makes billing practical and easy to understand. We track all time and materials used in projects, and break everything down in an easy to read, completely transparent report available with each bill (and upon request).

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